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I make embarrassing videos about books and put them on the Internet. I'm twenty-one years old which means I can legally tell you how much I love beer also I am literate somehow.

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Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - Jesse Andrews This isn't the deepest or most meaningful or even most original book I've read - but it is damn funny. Part of me knows that this is painfully unoriginal, what with the rise of YA 'alternative' cancer books (à la TFiOS) and also apathetic and uncomfortable and also crude male narrators (King Dork)...but I loved both of those books and this book. You know why? Because if someone I knew had cancer, this is exactly how I would fucking act. It's not meaningful, there's no earth-shattering conclusion, no emotional roller coaster, just some guy who can't even come to a conclusion at the end of the book about how he feels or what he's doing. And that's awesome because it's disgustingly real and honest.