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I make embarrassing videos about books and put them on the Internet. I'm twenty-one years old which means I can legally tell you how much I love beer also I am literate somehow.

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If You Liked School, You'll Love Work

If You Liked School, You'll Love Work - Irvine Welsh I ADORED Trainspotting, so I was really looking forward to reading this. I really liked Kingdom of Fife, the Dogs of Lincoln Park, and If You Liked School, You'll Love Work, but Rattlesnakes and Miss Arizona just weren't my cup of tea. Miss Arizona was supposed to be shocking, I guess, but I just found it incredibly depressing. I remember I finished reading it on a train and just kind of sat their for the rest of the ride staring out the window. If you decide to give this a read, just read the three I mentioned at the beginning. Or form your own opinion. That's probably better, yeah.